Cancun Vacation

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Good Bye Missouri.jpg (89955 bytes) Morning Glory.jpg (74286 bytes) Good Morning Cancun.jpg (77160 bytes)
Good Bye Missouri Memphis Skies Good Morning Cancun
Windy Surf.jpg (80146 bytes) Room With A View.jpg (151114 bytes) Hotel Beach A.jpg (129660 bytes)
Windy Surf Room With A View Hotel Beach
Could have been me.jpg (109855 bytes) Idiot.jpg (108631 bytes) Impending Doom.jpg (107725 bytes)
Could Have Been Me I'm An Idiot Why Am I Doing This
Matador James.jpg (107926 bytes) Matador.jpg (117819 bytes) Little Matador and Two Fools.jpg (135344 bytes)
James The Matador The 'Real' Matador Matador and Fools
Storm.jpg (87358 bytes)

Hotel Pool at Night.jpg (156203 bytes)

Turtle.jpg (93473 bytes)
Signs of Rita Hotel Pool at Night Baby Sea Turtle
Snorkelling Base Camp.jpg (183494 bytes) Neal at Snorkel Beach.jpg (142055 bytes)

Dave at Snorkel Beach.jpg (161576 bytes)

Snorkeling Base Camp Neal on the Beach Dave
Local Fauna.jpg (172652 bytes) Shopping in Cancun.jpg (143939 bytes) Bandito.jpg (150747 bytes)
Local Fauna Shopping in Cancun Bandito
Storefront Window.jpg (139341 bytes) Night Sight.jpg (139161 bytes) SHARK.jpg (116940 bytes)
Aquarium Store Front Night View of Cancun SHARK!
Cocoa.jpg (164070 bytes)

Cancun Riverboat.jpg (84719 bytes)

Dinner View.jpg (99579 bytes)
Our Friend Cocoa Riverboat in Cancun Dinner View
Tranquil Morning Sea.jpg (107990 bytes) We Stayed Here.jpg (70914 bytes) Ill Be Back.jpg (85420 bytes)
I want to go back... We Stayed Here I'll be Back
Typical Clear Skies.jpg (84936 bytes) Touchdown.jpg (72699 bytes)
Typical 'Clear' Skies Touchdown in STL