Lewiston, NY
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Steph & Jenni Back Yard Shade Tree Grandparents Gray
  Clifton Hill, CANADA  
  American & Bridal Falls  

Clifton Hill, CANADA   Clifton Hill, CANADA
Whirlpool Grand Scale Whirlpool Entry
Americal Falls Americal Falls Above Bridal Falls

Bridal Falls Above Bridal Falls Bridal Falls
Cave of the Winds Maid of the Mist American Falls
Crystal Clear Above American Falls Horseshoe Falls
Niagara Falls Ontario Niagara Falls Ontario Maid of the Mist
American Falls Whirlpool Rapids Whirlpool Bridge
Whirlpool Rapids Whirlpool Rapids Whirlpool Rapids
HUGE Rapids US Raging River
Steeples Lower Niagara River Looking into Lewiston
  Robert Moses Power Plant  
  Old Fort Niagara  
Layers through Time Riverside Walk Mossy Falls
Lewiston Queenston Bridge
It's LOG!   Farewell old friend...
Seagull Squatters Say 'Let's Stay Here!' Seagulls
Gooooose I like it Here Water Pigeon
Rock Beach Pretty Colors Timbers
B-Day Dinner View Feels Like Home  
  Fond TrMemories  
Trail to Whirlpool Up towards Devil's Hole Whirlpool Jet Boat
Calm Beach Local Fauna Whirlpool Cable Car
View into Whirlpool Locked In Power of Water
  Precarious Perch  
CN Tower Sky High View 'Space Needle'
Toronto Ontario Canada
Toronto Ontario Canada
Cave of the Winds Globe Monster Flowers Falls Mist
American Falls 200,000 cu.ft./sec. Horseshoe Falls
Nightfall on the Falls Falls Alight American Beauty
Cool & Creepy Clifton Hill Clifton Hill
Welland Canal Lock & Dam No. 1
  Now that's a big boat.  
J-22 Calm Winds This is how to relax.
Wind Farm   HUGE Windmill


Sr., Aunt Mick & G'Ma Cousin Andy Shock Value
Cuz' Andy Gray Family Unit + Kids
+ More Funny Faces American Falls

Bridal Veil Falls American Falls Cave of the Winds
Cave of the Winds Maid of the Mist Look how Happy...
Alex and Dad Kate Taking it all in.

Zack Alex Tanner & Grads.
Falls from Clifton Hill Spooky Door Niagara on the Lake
Niagara on the Lake Tanner Cow JEnni's mom & Paul
Niagara on the Lake Niagara on the Lake River/Lake Cruise
Lewiston from Canada NY from Canada Lewiston Landing
Niagara Escarpment US Customs Whirlpool Jet Boat
Whirlpool Jet Boat Whirlpool Jet Boat Do we look excited?
Whirlpool Jet Boat Zack on Niagara River Zack on Niagara River
Fort Niagara and Canada LAke Ontario Fort Niagara Beach
Fort Niagara Beach Seagulls a plenty. BirD
Pierce Marine Niagara River Sailboat Racing
Niagara River, looking South Niagara River Swimming Niagara River, looking South
South towards Lewiston Lewiston Queenston Bridge Old Fort Niagara
Old Fort Niagara   28 Miles to Toronto, On.
Seagoing Freighter Rock Hunting Alex
Kate The Thinker Land Ho!
Kate Hikers Smile Pretty
Gorge Trek Power Plants Where's Tanner?
North through the gorge. Lewiston Queenston Bridge Bridge Structure
  Lewiston Landing Our other house. . .
View North from Lewiston Nighttime Landing I want to go back. . .